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Suspension setting up

Thank you for choosing Racingbros!
Please follow the process below to initialize your suspension settings.

Before you start riding, make sure the initial settings set by Racingbros are still in place. Remember to take notes, make adjustments gradually, and change only one thing at a time.


Step 1
Pre-load and rider sag

A - B = SAG

Suspension pre-load adjustment is vital, affecting bike height and front fork angle. Rider weight compresses shock absorbers, causing sag.

Measure bike height fully extended (A) and compressed with rider (B).
1~1.6 inch (25~40mm) is recommended.
Step 2
Rebound damping
Rebound damping manages shock absorber bounce-back speed after compression, adjusted based on factors like rider style, weight, preference, and road conditions.

Faster rebound suits stable conditions; slow it by clockwise damping increase. To enhance speed, reduce damping counterclockwise.
For unstable, bouncy motorcycle handling, up the rebound damping. Turn the knob 4 clicks clockwise, then retest. If too harsh, adjust by 2 counterclockwise clicks.

On pothole-laden roads, cut harshness by decreasing rebound damping. 
Turn counterclockwise: 4 clicks initially, then 2 as needed.
Step 3
Compression damping
Compression damping regulates the speed of shock absorber compression, influencing braking dive, traction, and ride feel. Proper settings enhance tracking and performance. 
To achieve a lower riding position, smoother bike sinking, or softer corner entry, increase compression damping. Turn the knob clockwise by 4 clicks, then retest. If it feels excessive, make a 1-click counterclockwise adjustment.

When riding on rough, bumpy roads with harsh impacts, reduce compression damping. Begin by turning counterclockwise: 4 clicks initially, then 2 as needed.
Step 4
Pick your bike and fine-tune.
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