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Laptop settings

Step 1
Verify the ECU and its corresponding connectors

Properly install the ECU and race modules (such as sensors, controllers, quick-shifter, or race panel) to your motorcycle.


Please ensure that the blue-cable is properly prepared to establish a stable connection.

  • Updates to the software, firmware, and MAP database can be performed using the blue-cable, without the need for access point setup.

  • Improper operation, a quick-burn failure caused by an unhealthy battery, or a bad Wi-Fi connection can result in the ECU entering break mode. In such cases, the blue-cable is the only way to recover the ECU. Failure to do so will require you to contact your dealer, fill out a RAM form, and pay both shipping fees to fix the issue.

  • If the ECU is locked by a password, it can only be unblocked using the blue-cable.

We strongly advise adhering to these guidelines to ensure optimal performance and prevent any unnecessary issues.

Step 2
Download SpeedTuningX on your laptop


( Windows 10 )

Notice: For RC MiniX and RC SuperX, you may utilize both the laptop and smart phone versions.

Step 3
Ensure the battery is fully charged, then turn on the keys and starter
Step 4
Finalize the settings by following the tutorial video.
Standard process
Connect the ECU via blue-cable
connect the ECU via Wi-Fi

Before starting the firmware update, make sure the battery is fully charged or connected to a charger. Also, ensure that the internet connection is stable. Any interruptions in the electricity supply or Wi-Fi signal may cause the ECU to enter break-mode to protect itself, and it will be unable to recover without using the blue cable.

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